I9 Communications

The need of a new challenge and the desire to redefine the constructs of PR was at the heart of the creation of i9 Communications, the brainchild of N. Chandramouli and Subhash Pais. i9 was born to complement Bluelotus Communications in reconstructing the guidelines of PR and evolving with time and need.

Why ‘i9’?

An essential in communication is the alpha and the numeric, and we find this fusion of ‘i’, the ninth alphabet and ‘9’ the magic number of completion, in ‘i9’. Purple, a merger of the calm blue and the energetic red, embodies the integration of thought and action and gives you the magical hue.

This thought and action along with 9, the number of judgment and finality, compels us to go through each decision-making of our clients with discretion. This imploring is what directs our communication roadmap.

In our endeavour to focus on your needs and surpass your expectations, we look to create the same magic in deeds as we would have in thought.


A lot of thought was put into the formation of i9, as there was a need to venture into new concepts with the change in existing premises. A paradigm shift was essential since we were dealing with drastically different set and range of sectors. We looked at things with a profound change in thoughts, perceptions, and values that form our vision.

• Lifestyle
• Retail/ FMCG
• Entertainment
• Hospitality/ Realty

These sectors were seen as the core areas of practice where our own expertise and domain knowledge acquired on a functional as well as practical level and could be put to use.

Approach and Process:

We make use of a proprietary tool and a 10 day Process Timeline to assess and identify the key messages, define objectives and come up with a Media Roadmap.

The Image Matrix

The Image matrix is a proprietary tool developed by i9 which aims at aiding both i9 and the client to understand itself better and in strategizing the PR campaign in a much more focused manner.

Every organisation has a corporate image, whether it wants one or not. The image matrix helps i9 team to understand and assess the image of a company. The tool divides the plane into 4 quadrants: Emotional appeal, Rational appeal, Aspirational appeal and lastly, the Communicational appeal. i9 starts assessment of your company from the quadrant you feature in.

i9 looked to use its expertise and experience over the last 6 years and more in the redefining of the practices by developing new approaches and processes that would suit i9’s 4 core areas of practice.

i9’s 10 day Process Timeline

i9’s evolution of the 10 day Process Timeline is a revolution in modern PR.

Communications Workshop: A Complete day spent by the i9 team with you and your organization to understand you and the ethos, lagos, pathos of your organization coupled with a detailed understanding of the role, soul and goal of your organization as articulated by the key stakeholders/top management of the company

Perception Mapping and Evolution of Key Messages: 3 complete days will be spent in understanding the external perceptions and in developing key messages in keeping with the image matrix for your Company

Preparation of Communication Document: In 2 days the data is collaborated and a communication document is prepared. This will aid the company in proceeding towards the company’s strategic functioning.

Iterations, amendments and approval of Communications Document: The whole day concentrates on presentation of the Communication Document with amendments and iterations and sending for approval.

Media Familiarity note creation and dissemination: A day is spent in Media familiarity which aids in communication with news media. The dissemination of the media note helps to know how to deal with the media.

Recommendations report and strategy roadmap: The crux of the ongoing procedures of the last 8 days, the last 2 days are spent in presenting the strategy roadmap and recommendations on areas of emphasis in your business.