An essential in communication is the alpha and the numeric, and we find this fusion in ‘i9’. ‘i’ is the ninth alphabet and ‘9’ the magic number of finality, judgment and completion. We look to this completion in i9.
Purple, a merger of the calm blue and the energetic red, embodies the integration of thought and action and gives you the magical hue.

Whether it’s about starting a new brand or taking the existing brand to a new level, we expertise in both. We beg to differ, however, with i9 working towards total building up rather than renovating in bits and pieces.

Let us make a point clear. Like every other PR agency we don’t just provide solutions nor are we bound by rules. We believe in bringing a radical change in which PR operates. What makes us different is our approach to problems; we question traditional assumptions of certainty, identity and truth. This radical change is in the way we perceive each sector which comes under our radar. We don’t deal with solutions we deal with problems that are known and at other times unknown to you. i9 acts on a rational platform to bring out a revolutionary solution, the idea is to create a dynamic change that would not just sustain in the present times but would be equally beneficial in the future.

‘Every problem is unique so why set a uniform rule for solving it.’